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What a great day out at Kilkeel Presbyterian Church (eventually getting through the traffic) with the extremely welcoming Rev. Stephen Johnston - thanks to him - always nice to meet a friendly minister and a friendly wee dog, Gusty! Luckily the weather stayed good for us to get loads  of great photographs using the fabulous scenery @ Galgorm Resort - thanks to the whole team for an excellent day out - hope Ruth n Ned are having a brilliant time on honeymoon in Mexico - easy on the Pina Coladas Ned!!!!




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Nicola & Thomas' January Wedding!!! https://www.michaelmckayphotography.co.uk/blog/2016/2/nicola-thomas-january-wedding Just a superb day at Galgorm last Saturday with Nicola and Thomas and the gang - can't really tell you publicly what Bridesmaid Jill's nickname was but it gave me a good laugh!!  The weather was, thankfully, very kind to us, and the craic was mighty with the whole bridal party - my new girlfriend, Ciara, was especially attentive, being a great help to mum earlier in the day, helping me out with the "light sabre" and keeping us all entertained. Gorgeous flowers by Sally as usual!  Michael and the guys from the fire brigade turned up and, as you can see, tried to chop their heads off on leaving the Phantom House - some friends they are!! Nicola and Thomas are currently off to new York, Las Vegas and Mexico and I'm sure they are missing us all terribly - lol!


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Joanne & Peter's stunning wedding at Harvey's Point!!!!! https://www.michaelmckayphotography.co.uk/blog/2016/1/joanne-peters-stunning-wedding-at-harvey-s-point What a fantastic day out we had at Carlisle Road Methodist church in Derry city ( Drop in and visit this stunning church if you have a moment - Wow!!) From the very start Joanne & Peter were a treat to work with, brilliant craic at home before the wedding, George & Sylvia made me right at home and easily got into assistant photographer roles - George even was a dab hand at dressing Joanne!! Gorgeous dresses and accessories made my job really easy - the girls were great fun and as you can see were very easy on the eye!! This church should be on the city tourist route as it has one of the most spectacular interiors I have ever seen and very welcoming ministers made the whole event very pleasurable. 

On to the beautiful Harvey's Point and a real fun session with a very lively bridal party - stunning venue for photographs overlooking Lough Eske and a great range of interior locations in the very tastefully laid out hotel - staff very extremely helpful and knowledgeable and made my job so much easier.

What a day -  thanks to the whole team of Joanne, Peter, Bronagh, Joanne, Norma, Seb. Simon, Ben, George, Sylvia,Rodney and Jane - loved every minute of it!!!




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Gerard Butler - married in Hannahstown Chapel!!!!!!!!!! https://www.michaelmckayphotography.co.uk/blog/2015/11/gerard-butler---married-in-hannahstown-chapel Emma Buchanan married Gerard Butler (the real one according to Gerard!) in Hannahstown Chapel - the whole team including the wee dogs were brilliant craic - reception afterwards at the gorgeous Galgorm 4 Seasons Suite.

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Erin & Anthonys' Wedding https://www.michaelmckayphotography.co.uk/blog/2015/7/erin-anthonys-wedding We have just delivered Erin and Anthony’s beautiful album which has been an absolute pleasure to do from start to finish. Erin Gormley and Anthony Scullion were married in St. Patrick’s Chapel, Glen and held their reception in Jackson’s Hotel, Ballyboffey on 30th December last. Thankfully it was a glorious sunny day which made life a bit easier for the photographer! From our first meeting I knew that this wedding was going to be a bit special and Erin’s style would be the definitive factor in making sure that it would be so.

I drove to Ballyboffey the day before to make sure we had all angles covered with the weather, daylight and location for the photographs; I always go to the venue beforehand for every wedding to make sure I am not caught out by any surprises!

Erin and her bridesmaids looked absolutely fantastic (Anthony and the lads looked fantastic too) and from the early preparations right through, we had a brilliant day. Photographs at home, at Glen, on the Glenshane Pass and at Jacksons’ went superbly and we just managed to get everything done as the sun completely disappeared!

It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with Erin and Anthony and their families and I hope my photographs will give them eternal memories of what was a super day out.

Looking forward to the baby pictures Erin!!!!


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Wedding Photographer of the Year!!!!! https://www.michaelmckayphotography.co.uk/blog/2014/5/wedding-photographer-of-the-year Today we had the lovely honour of welcoming our gorgeous bride and handsome groom Karyn and Ryan Horler who came over from Edinburgh for the weekend.                                              

Photographed outside our winning studio window display and also at the glorious Galgorm with wedding co-ordinator Jemma. (Ryan suitably attired in Giro trousers!!!) Karyn and Ryan are staying at the resort this evening and Karyn has a big day coming up tomorrow.                                                                                   



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